【Make&Hair】Cool, scary devil cosplay

: 【6stylepack】Get more&more CUTE! Makeup&hairstyle
: 無期限
: 全6回 900円


I want to be a stronger lady! When being just cute isn’t enough, a cool style that suits you. Transform into a girl that looks stylish, but also like she’s up to something. A cute, angular hair style. If you set your French braid to the height and width of your forehead, you’ll end up with an angle that suits the shape of your face! ◆Useable in a wide variety of scenes! ・Halloween ・Girls-Only Gatherings ・Birthday Parties ・Festivals Enjoy a cuter style with your friends! You can go anywhere! Let’s all go out together! ○Cosme List ◆Eye Line ・Mitsuyoshi Eyeliner Pencil Softblack ・HeroineMake Liquid liner Black Waterproof ◆Eye Color ・Mitsuyoshi ClownColor Pink, Violet ◆Lame ・Mitsuyoshi Hairpowder Gold metallic color ◆Mascara ・MAYBELLINE  Volume Express Black  Waterproof ◆Face&NoseShadow,HighLight ・RMK ◆Lip ・Mitsuyoshi MakeupPencil Violet ・Mitsuyoshi ClownColor Violet ・eternal basic  Lip gloss03