【Make&Hair】Strong- willed beautiful devil cosplay

: 【6stylepack】Get more&more CUTE! Makeup&hairstyle
: 無期限
: 全6回 900円


I want to be a more daring and a little more sexy than usual! All eyes will be on you with this devilish, attractive style. Using eye shadow to emphasize the corner of the eyes and rounded eyebrows to give off a devilish look, it’s cute, but also makes you look like you’re up to something! A hairstyle that makes your ears look cute. Using a headband can make you look a bit childish, but, if you make it with your own hair, you’ll look even more stylish. ◆Useable in a wide variety of scenes! ・Halloween ・Girls-Only Gatherings ・Birthday Parties ・Limousine Parties Enjoy a cuter style with your friends! You can go anywhere! Let’s all go out together! ○Cosme List ◆Eye Line ・HeroineMake Liquid liner Black Waterproof ◆Eyebrow ・Kanebo ALLIE Eyeliner Black Waterproof ◆Eye Color ・Mitsuyoshi ClownColor Green,Yellow ・Mitsuyoshi Beautycoverpencil White ◆Lame ・Mitsuyoshi Hairpowder Gold metallic color ◆Mascara ・MAYBELLINE  Volume Express Black  Waterproof ◆Cheek ・Mitsuyoshi hohobeni2 Matpink ◆Lip ・Mitsuyoshi MakeupPencil Violet ・eternal basic  Lip gloss01、03