【Make&Hair】Cute princess cosplay based on mermaid

: 【6stylepack】Get more&more CUTE! Makeup&hairstyle
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: 全6回 900円


Even if you can’t normally be submissive, give it a chance today,You want to come across as an adult, but you don’t want to lose yourself An adored princess style. Learn how to apply eye shadow in a way that makes your eyes look rounder! Do your hair in a cute ribbon-style. Even people thinking that it looks difficult can do it! We’ll carefully teach you a simple way to cutely do-up your hair. Give yourself an air of femininity in one go! ◆Useable in a wide variety of scenes! ・Halloween ・Girls-Only Gatherings ・Birthday Parties ・Pajama Parties Enjoy a cuter style with your friends! You can go anywhere! Let’s all go out together! ○Cosme List ◆Eye Line ・HeroineMake Liquid liner Black Waterproof ◆Eyebrow ・Mitsuyoshi ClownColor Marine blue ◆Eye Color ・Mitsuyoshi ClownColor Pink,MarineBlue,White ◆Mascara ・MAYBELLINE  Volume Express Black  Waterproof ◆Cheek ・Mitsuyoshi hohobeni2 Matpink ◆Lip ・Query Concealer Palette ・RMK Lip balm ・eternal basic  Lip gloss01